21 Artists’ London project and exhibition. My featured day was filled with laughs and hard work, surrounded by creativity and some brilliant artists to work alongside. Check out the images from the very busy private view on 21st May ’13- Documentation of my work will be up shortly!

21 Artists showcases artists from a vast array of creative disciplines in unused, alternative spaces to celebrate the creative process, collaborate and explore ways that artists and visionaries can work together to revitalize communities and empty spaces.

You can read more about the London project, created and curated by the amazing Meg Peterson, here:

Featured Artists included: Matthew Reynolds, Paul Harrison, Bettina Fung, Les Mechants, Adrian Mills, Francesco Benenato, Warren Fox, Gabriela Parra, Ali Zaidi, Sequin Kay, Daniel Campagne, Natalie Oliveri, Yolanda Mercy, Sarah Louise Kristiansen, Andi Schmeid, David Adjei, Pia Tuulia Cabble, Pablo Robertson, Laurie Nouchka, Poppy Green, Sara Dziadik, Andrea Rania, Charles Jean-Pierre & James Flowers.