My research has been based around the interaction and relationships that we as humans have: with one another as well as inanimate objects such as art. My work, which comprises sculpture, installation, drawing and artists’ books, is a personal exploration of the thoughts and ideas that have emerged from such experiences and relationships.

While working in book format I am most interested in embellishing form rather than the flat surface of the page.  By constantly undertaking new processes and manipulating the use of materials, as well as ideas, I intend to address that same interest in interaction and relationships. The form of the book works to solidify my work in this sense by engaging the viewer in an intimate way.

The dependency of the work on the viewer interests me greatly. As I want my work to interface with people I wish for the viewer to make not just a conscious choice to interact with the piece, but to decide how they are involved.  I aspire to recreate the physical action that must take place as well as the emotions that lead up to it, surround it, and prevail afterwards.  With the same purpose in mind, I wish for the viewer to question their place in relationship to the work, and in doing so question much more about their surroundings.

History (and in contrast, current events) is a great influence, in both content and process. While addressing socio-political concerns, it is also a personal exploration of the artist’s and viewers’ relationship to the idea of tragedy and suffering.  This reflection on human nature directly contrasts the political and social content that drives my work. The idea of playfulness, humour, and toys of innocence juxtapose images of war, genocide and the violence of our current culture.

Sara Dziadik


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