21:Artists London

I’m excited and pleased to be invited to participate in a day long residency and exhibition as part of 21 Artists’ London project in a disused building in Blackfriars. There are some really interesting things happening by 21 different artists over the next month there- if you’d like to know more, you can check out the schedule here: http://twentyoneartists.com/schedule-2/.

My featured day is on the 15th May, when I’ll be in the space drawing portraits, and discussing the idea of identity. If you’d like to take part (I am looking for participants for portraits) either on the day (in London) or in advance (via email) please get in touch by emailing me at: sara.dziadik@gmail.com

The finished work will be exhibited on the 21st May, and I’ll post it to my site as soon as, afterwards.

21 artists

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